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I draw a lot of inspiration from the modern optimized living space, if our homes are designed in a thoughtful manner, why cant our garments refl゚ect the same reality? For me, design equals problem solving. Therefor fashion is a performance of functionality. In the end, it really comes down to design and not fashion. With design you set the fashion.

How come that our generation gave up on things that are either way unavailable to us?

Where deos this need for spirituality comes from? Awakening of a broader awareness and new Western Buddhism, or as Zizek puts it ; pseudo-Buddhist hedonism. Quick and easy accessible spiritual awakening crash courses and self-therapy kits that are available to everyone with just a click of a button.

Buddhistic monks would question this need and motives of the Western society as for spirituality it is not something you possess it is the way of life and a state you live. Because our generation will never have what was still very normal course of life for our previous generations, You grow up, buy a house and have a family. Cultivate your backyard and wash your car at the end of the week.  If you are unable to cultivate your backyard (because you don’t have a house that has a backyard) you have to cultivate yourself.

Shame we made a jump in mode of functioning and restructured our values without really changing the very frames, in which our functioning takes place, and modalities available. As Zizek points out nicely, to choose one freedom over another inside the context frame that is giving us the options is not the true freedom. But to change the frame we all live in today, itself would be a true definition of freedom. Choosing the frame of context that defines and offers all the small freedoms. Changing the society is not as much about understanding that debt is death or private property is modern slavery as any working position in almost every sector in today’s society. Now we moved or better yet, we directed our attention to the only thing we do truly possess and that is our body and mind. Or that is what we wish to believe that somehow we escaped the naive way of thinking that was bounding down previous generations.

Our mind is mostly property of propaganda and mass media of the corporate world, that has the power to direct it in any way desired. Our bodies are the result of that image constructed, so in a way what we truly are, is kind of a walking free agents, employed by the industry to advertise the values they implement ,and also end up paying for it. This turns the situation to an even bigger absurdity.

The true question is; which generation actually lived more fulfilled and somewhat happy lives; ones that actually could afford normal living conditions and didn’t have to think and question their existence as much, or the new pseudo-enlightened generation that knows everything but has nothing. (apart from their super ego driven mind). If we analyze the most common drugs today the list grew longer then it was 20 years ago. Today we can be addicted from fitness, food, work, shopping, excessive consumption, self image then the already known ones; alcohol and hard drugs.

Today’s society looks something like this, accumulation of objects and over-consumption of services and substances.
In other words better to possess worldly objects or renting them for the time being, or the image constructed by those same objects without really possessing them as the illusion of the free self?

How do we reframe the very referential frame of today’s society? How to implement new values and modalities of functioning?
The conclusion is that maybe we are not smarter, more free and enlightened that previous generations, if anything we are blinded by the image implemented by the same apparatus that is restricting our freedom. And also defending it.

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Mightaswellhave was a site I started some time ago without a very clear aim or reason for that matter. As a designer and a visual artist, you often gather material and produce a lot of imagery. I decided to gather them here, make it an inspirational library available to everyone. So that is that regarding the visual stuff. Occasionally you will be able to notice internal reflections, thoughts and Ou, you might also find answers to, how to psycho-analyze your neighbor.



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